Various Writing Projects

After decades as a technical writer, a few brief stints as a wannabe bohemian poet and serious science fiction author, and some consistent successes finally churning out complete drafts of ideas thanks to some great experiences with NaNoWriMo, I've recently found the courage to make bits of things available here, buried three layers deep on my generic web site ... where nobody will find them unless they're really diving deep.

As indicated in all of the excerpts, these are generally first draft or even zeroth draft (in the case of NaNo books) excerpts of various things I'm working on, but that I feel strongly enough about to let the general public sample them. This is to say, I don't think they're great, but I've paid for worse stuff from self-published authors who actually think they've got a shot at quitting their day-jobs and doing this stuff for a living (one of the few delusions of grandeur that I don't succumb to).

If you enjoy something here in particular, drop me a line, and I'll add you to a list to receive a copy of the finished work and possibly some other goodies in the meantime. If you're a wealthy patron, a potential alpha reader/editor, or some high-faulting publishing tycoon and would like to see the full outline or the rest of the draft, I can probably make that happen too.

Projects currently in some stage of development...


The Pessimal Incursion

Comedy, Slapstick, Pulp Horror
(2018 NaNoWriMo Attempt)

The Pessimal Design

Comedy, Satire, Techno Thriller
(2019 NaNoWriMo Winner)

The Pessimal Refrain

Comedy, Rockumentary, Fictional Biography
(2021 NaNoWriMo Attempt)

The Pessimal Hero

Comedy, Super Hero
(2022 NaNoWriMo Attempt?)

The Pessimal Links

Comedy, Horror
(2023 NaNoWriMo Attempt?)

Science Fiction

The Halferne Perfidy

Sci-fi, Wuxia
(2017 NaNoWriMo Attempt)

The Halferne Incubus

Sci-fi, Psychological Thriller
(2020 NaNoWriMo Winner)

The Halferne Gambit

Sci-fi, Military Sci-fi

All the Other Stuff

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