Where My Ears Wander

Anyone who knows me, also knows I probably listen to radio more than I listen to my own playlists -- and I have a LOT of playlists. In fact one of my favorite things to do is to spend an evening spinning the Radio Garden globe and finding weird, new stations in strange parts of the world. So, below are the presets I've programmed into my smart speakers, grouped by genre/mood. These are usually selected on the basis of either the station's musical selection, because I like the disk jockey/presenter, or in some cases maybe even something as simple as enjoying a one-hour program of theirs that I listen to once a week. So explore and enjoy.

Side Note: This is similar to, but not to be confused with the directory of radio presets on my home network, should you be a houseguest in need of calling up some music and can't find the menu card.











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