Woke Up Covered in Bitches Again: Observations of an Internet Disc Jockey

Perhaps one of the worst crimes I've been a victim of on the Internet was when I accidentally purchased the memoirs/autobiography/greatest hits of some self-proclaimed Internet blogger/podcaster/comedian I'd never heard of. Not only was it not at all funny or the least bit interesting, but when I subsequently researched the guy -- hoping I might redeem him by finding some of his collective output that I could appreciate -- I quickly found that not only did the myriad web sites, podcasts, and blogs mentioned in his author blurb in the book point to dead links, but in fact none of the collective output he boasted of in his book seemed to exist either. In fact, an objective search of his name showed that the only credit he had was for his self-published autobiography/memoir/greatest hits book. So, either this book was a completely fictional biography about a really "unfunny" person with a completely made-up back catalog, making him possibly the best joke setup since Tony Clifton, or this guy suddenly came to the realization that he was so bad, and unfunny, that he felt bad for subjecting us to his wit, and subsequently erased himself from existence.

So I thought to myself: "Well, shit, *I* could do THAT!"

"Woke up ..." is my attempt at whatever the aforementioned guy did, only I actually do have a back-catalog of 20+ years of creative content, true stories, email conversations, and scrapped writing projects to chose from. Hell, I'll even throw in a few random anecdotes about owning a startup software company built on the ashes of the dot-com boom, the early days of podcasting, and the pros and cons of building a pirate radio station in your basement. Plus, there will be mannequins!

As an added bonus, I invite you to enjoy the playlist that set the mood, helped me keep focus, and constantly ran in the background during the course of developing this project.

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